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google ads

LAS Concealment

LAS Concealment is a leading brand as an eCommerce based company selling holsters for Firearms. Within 10 months we have produced over 1,000+ sales and $100K+ of revenue through the Google Ads.

1,000+ Purchases

170% Increase of Website Traffic

social media ads

Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Stottlemyre is a former MLB pitcher, high-performance business coach, bestselling author, keynote speaker and business owner. We have assisted Todd with growing his personal brand to sell more than 1,000 books and accumulating over 150,000 Social Media followers across all channels.

150,000+ New Followers

1,000+ Books Sold

Two women in lab coats working for Tesis Labs
National SEO

Tesis Biosciences

The Healthcare industry is very competitive, however we were able to rank Tesis Biosciences on the first page of Google within 4 months of starting our SEO services. Go ahead and Google “CGX Testing in Colorado”.

357% Increase in Website Traffic

Two children having fun wearing sunglasses made by Real Shades
National SEO

Real Shades

Ranking organically on the 1st page of Google is already tough, but ranking nationally is another game itself. Especially in the E-Commerce world. RealShades within the first year now ranks organically for many big search phrases such as “sunglasses for adults”. Seriously, Google it.

2M+ Organic Impressions

12,800+ Purchases

Social Media Ads

Aptive Environmental

We developed landing pages designed to convert for each service that Aptive offers. With a combination of Facebook & Instagram Ads we were able to garner massive success. These new ads made it possible for them to stop knocking on doors and start spraying them.

800+ New Leads

1.1M Local Reach

Women from Park Projects Case Study on a hike
Social Media Ads

Parks Project

After our in depth analysis of Parks Project previous ad campaigns, our team noticed there was a significant opportunity to test a wide variety of marketing tactics through Facebook ads. Atomic Social’s strategic planning & execution helped Parks Project to successfully scale their ad-spend while growing their e-commerce brand.

1.5M+ Impressions

15,000+ Purchases

Google & Social Ads


After a detailed analysis, we decided to test a wide variety of audiences with different interests, behaviors and lookalikes on Google & Facebook. We were able to help expand the audience of Zazzle and expose their branding to a diverse group of new customers rather than focusing on one group of prospects.

6.37 Average ROAS

9,500+ Purchases

Google & Social Ads

Wilson Leather

Within the first week after launching a Google campaign with Atomic Social, Wilsons Leather noticed a substantial increase in website traffic and customer conversions. Essentially overnight, they practically doubled their normal sales numbers and have been able to keep a consistent increase in their sales since then.

3M+ Paid Impressions

18,000+ Purchases

Social Media Ads


Have you ever wanted snacks delivered to your house within 30 minutes? Maybe you have seen some viral videos with some engaging more than 2 million users at a time. We assisted with Youtube, Facebook & Instagram for which GoPuff has been utilizing Social Media Video Ads.

43,500 App Downloads

National Google Ads

Stitch Fix

Utilizing Google Shopping Ads has served as an effective way to reach people who are searching for a specific product. For Stitch Fix, our shopping ads have helped them to not only get more sales, but uncover a new audience of returning customers that love their platform.

4M+ National Search

9,000+ Impressions

Hyper Local SEO

Koibito Poke

Koibito Poke offers the highest quality Hawaiian Poke in the state of Arizona. While in the midst of a national pandemic, Koibito Poke has been able to increase their sales by over 20% in addition to opening two new locations. All of this has been accomplished while utilizing our Hyper Local SEO package in order to establish a strong local presence in the Scottsdale valley.

20% Increase to Sales

2 New Locations

Hyper Local SEO

Elite Roof Repair

In need of a new roof and not sure who to hire? Google it. Utilizing our Local SEO package we were able to rank Elite Roof Repair’s website to be the 1st one you find on Google throughout the entire city! This has captured more than a hundred qualified leads for them and led to a huge increase in local and web presence.

100+ Leads

179% Increase in Traffic

Weitz & Luxenberg Law Firm Talking With Atomic Social At A Conference Table
Local Google Ads

Weitz & Luxenberg Law Firm

When Weitz and Luxenberg approached us, they primarily utilized their reputations and referrals as a way to generate new business. In this day and age, that will only take you so far. With the help of Local Google Ads, our team was able to help them establish an online presence in order to generate new unique leads that converted into clients!

200+ Leads

215K+ Local Impressions

Facebook Ads


When you’re looking for a photographer for your next event, Snapwire is the place to be. Unfortunately, nobody could find them before starting our Facebook Ad campaign. With the ability to utilize carousel ads within Facebook we created a new national audience. The results? We were able to almost convert a 5x multiplier on ad spend while attaining a very dominant social media presence.

4.67 Average ROAS

152K+ Local Impressions

Hyper Local SEO

Window Gang

We were tasked with increasing the website traffic and local presence for Window Gang. The first thing we did was completely revamp the website with the goal of increasing conversions. Almost instantly after this was completed, they saw a huge increase in form fill conversions.

203% Increase to Website Traffic

Hyper Local SEO

Dawn Designs

Ready to remodel your home? Time to search online for a company that can help complete your dream vision. Reputation is everything when it comes to the design industry. With the help of our hyper local SEO, Dawn Designs was able to exponentially increase their local web presence and showcase their brand in order to book new projects.

120+ Projects Booked

50,000+ Local Reach

Google Review Campaign

C&M Fine Diamonds

Many businesses struggle to get their customers to leave reviews. We worked with C&M to claim the reviews from customers that they were unable to capture. Using our proprietary CRM system we were able to get more than 15% of their old customers to come back and leave a review which was more than 400 reviews!

400+ Reviews Generated

Google Review Campaign

Able Rooter Plumbing

Have you ever asked your customers countless times for a review but struggled to get any feedback? That is exactly why Able Plumbing hired us. Well initially that was the first thing we did, gather 600+ Google Reviews for them. After that, we started on their SEO and we were partners for life.

600+ Reviews Generated

Tiktok Ads

Princess Polly

Princess Polly ran a discount code campaign that produced excellent results for their online store.


15x Return on Ad Spend

Tiktok Ads

Slate & Tell

Slate & Tell is a jewelry brand that utilized TikTok’s Smart Video Creative Tool to create engaging TikTok videos for their seasonal promotions.

4M+TikTok Users Reached

2.3x Return on Ad Spend

1,000+ Single Session Add-To-Carts

Tiktok Ads

Wholesale Fashion Shoes

Within just 2 months of running Facebook & TikTok ads for Wholesale Fashion Shoes, we were able to create an ad campaign which included a creative TikTok video involving the current popular trends which instantly produced hundreds of purchases alongside a 430% ROAS.


4.34 Return on Ad Spend

google ads

Royal Boat Charters

We’ve been able to generate over 800 leads within just 5 months working with Royal Boat Charters. Prior to working with us, they were spending over $2 per click on the wrong Google keyword phrases. We’ve since been able to lower that to just 67 cents and we’ve tripled their monthly ad spend while massively increasing their ROAS!

800+Leads Generated

0.67 Average CPC

1,000+ Single Session Add-To-Carts

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