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Our team of Google Ad experts are not only certified professionals, but are profit focused and have helped hundreds of companies stop wasting their ad spend to start generating an ROI. Will you let us help you next?
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PPC or pay-per-click allows your business to show up when a relevant search term is “Googled” allowing you to control who finds you and when. Below are some of the places you can advertise using Google.
Google Shopping should always be your preferred channel if you have an ecommerce website. Customers have the ability to see a photo of your product along with the price right on the results page. All of these kinds of ads appear either on the very top of the SERP page, or to the right meaning more exposure to your products.
Google Search has been around since the 90’s, which means they have been gathering data for years to give people exactly what they search for. This type of marketing is great for all different kinds of companies, but is best for services like pest control, commercial cleaning, lawn care, consulting, etc.
Display ads are very similar to shopping ads, but the biggest difference is that you can market any product or service on display. You cannot do that for shopping ads. There are different types of display ads such as banner ads, text ads, app ads, and gmail ads.


These kinds of ads are non-interruptive which means they do not appear in videos people watch. Most people do not even realize they are clicking on these types of ads, which is a good thing. For the best results, discovery ads should be used to target customers in the middle of your sales funnel.
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Prior to launching the ad, we get feedback and final approval from you the client. Then we build out the campaigns.
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Running Google ads is tough! Well, that is if you don’t do it every day for a living. It takes a custom curated strategy to have a successful campaign.
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Weitz & Luxenberg Law Firm

When Weitz and Luxenberg approached us, they primarily utilized their reputations and referrals as a way to generate new business. In this day and age, that will only take you so far. With the help of Local Google Ads, our team was able to help them establish an online presence in order to generate new unique leads that converted into clients!
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