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How else can you stay consistently in front of your customers? Social Media Ads (SMM) have very unique targeting capabilities that allow us to find your ideal customers that are likely interested in your business. 

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Social Media Ads

What type of ads actually work?

Every Social Media platform excels for different companies. Reach out today to figure out what platform will be best for you!


Feeds are the most widely used segment of Facebook and Instagram. Feed’s include status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.


Stories create a more personal experience for customers to interact with. We use this feature to promote products or services in depth while maintaining a clean main Instagram page for the company the work is being done for.


This ad placement allows advertisers to deliver 5-15 second, non-skippable, video ads to people who are watching Facebook videos on mobile devices.


Messaging ads can be a powerful tool to engage current customers or send information to groups of people who would be more likely to engage with a particular product or service.


A collection is exclusive to only mobile placements. A collection ad consists of a cover image or video, followed by several product images making it easy to create interest in products.


Carousels can be used to show multiple products in a single ad set. Their capacity to showcase several items in a single ad unit makes them convenient for businesses when simultaneously promoting different products or services.
Social Media Ads

What type of ads
actually work?

Every Social Media platform excels for different companies. Reach out today to figure out what platform will be best for you!
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Three ways social ads will help you grow


Social Media allows you to receive a real time feedback loop for your brand. Compared against traditional marketing like magazines, commercials, mailers & billboards at best are only one-way communications.


Your customer is on Social Media. 74% of all shoppers actually make their purchase decisions through social media. 86% of all users check social media daily. This is where you need to be to stay in front of your audience.


Social Media impacts your SEO! This will not only help increase your website traffic but when someone searches on Google and sees your brand above others it builds more trust and credibility.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Atomic Social offers various services to assist YouTubers in maximizing their channels. We help our clients create vertical content (shorts) to post on both YouTube and all social media channels. We also offer assistance with creating new revenue streams through things like brand partnerships and sponsorships.

Step 1


We start with a deep-dive into your unique brand and business, helping to identify potential strengths, weaknesses and best practices moving forward.
Step 2


Our team of experts develop a custom plan around your brand, defining benchmarks and creating a workflow to ensure success.

Step 3


Once the ad is approved, we put our shared plan into action, taking the time to measure and adjust it as needed for a maximum ROI.
Step 4


We closely watch the results, determining actionable next steps for your continued success across all marketing efforts.
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How we build your ad strategy

Our team of qualified social media experts spend their days and nights keeping up with the constantly changing platforms so you don’t have to. If you want to be successful with this, stop “boosting” posts and start creating real campaigns.

case study


Have you ever wanted snacks delivered to your house within 30 minutes? Maybe you have seen some viral videos with some engaging more than 2 million users at a time. We assisted with Youtube, Facebook & Instagram for which GoPuff has been utilizing Social Media Video Ads.
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