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What type of Facebook ads actually work?

All social media ads have different purposes and with your goal in mind we tailor specific campaigns for each individual client and or company. Sometimes this involves just one or multiple ads from the list below.


Feeds are the most widely used segment of Facebook and Instagram. Feed’s include status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups that you follow on Facebook.


Stories create a more personal experience for customers to interact with. We use this feature to promote products or services in depth while maintaining a clean main Instagram page for the company the work is being done for.


This ad placement allows advertisers to deliver 5-15 second, non-skippable, video ads to people who are watching Facebook videos on mobile devices.


Messaging ads can be a powerful tool to engage current customers or send information to groups of people who would be more likely to engage with a particular product or service.


A collection is exclusive to only mobile placements. A collection ad consists of a cover image or video, followed by several product images making it easy to create interest in products.


Carousels can be used to show multiple products in a single ad set. Their capacity to showcase several items in a single ad unit makes them convenient for businesses when simultaneously promoting different products or services.
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Why the majority fail at Facebook Advertising

Unfortunately, if you don’t hire an agency, you have a 90% chance at failing on a Facebook campaign. We have also personally seen it over the past 5+ years. This can be for many reasons, but it truly comes down to the offer.


Bad offer or CTA: If you don’t create a wow factor in your Facebook ad, nobody will take action! This can be a better price point, free installation, ongoing support or maintenance, strong payment plans or financing, a bundled deal or even better packaging.

How it works

Our priority is your ROI. We utilize a variety of strategies learned over years of experience which include detailed audience building, lookalike audiences, retargeting and abandoned cart campaigns along with much more!

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Step 2

Planning & Execution

Step 3

Edit & Review for Approval

Atomic Social Difference

Atomic Social is the #1 Most Awarded Facebook Ads Agency!

As a Meta Business Partner, we have the strongest possible connection and have a deep understanding of Facebook. This allows us to stay current with updates and best practices which keeps our clients ahead of their competitors.

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Have you ever wanted snacks delivered to your house within 30 minutes? Maybe you have seen some viral videos with some engaging more than 2 million users at a time. We assisted with Youtube, Facebook & Instagram for which GoPuff has been utilizing Social Media Video Ads.

43,500 App Downloads

Social Media Ads

Aptive Environmental

We developed landing pages designed to convert for each service that Aptive offers. With a combination of Facebook & Instagram Ads we were able to garner massive success. These new ads made it possible for them to stop knocking on doors and start spraying them.

800+ New Leads

1.1M Local Reach

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