6 Reasons You Should Advertise On Facebook

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Social media is a critical part of the digital marketing strategy in any business. It enables you to build an audience, drive more sales, and share your story. However, you miss its full potential when you only target organic traffic. Through social ads, you can reach a wider audience at a lower cost. Consequently, you turn the users into followers and continuously market to them. Facebook is the most popular platform for social media marketing, especially for local advertisers, as it is practical, affordable, and fast.

Below are 6 reasons you should advertise on Facebook to grow your business.

1. Target Users

Facebook has adequate information about users. Therefore, you can earmark people likely to purchase your products by gender, age, job title, location, interests, and marital status. Also, the platform allows you to filter by connections. For instance, friends of users that already like your business page or through behavior that includes recent live events or purchases. Another option is focusing on lookalike audiences. They contain users similar to the current audience, so you don’t have to guess demographics when you lack information.

2. Facebook Provides Analytics Useful For Advertising

When advertising on Facebook, you may opt to reach all users, including those who may not be thinking of buying your products. Although the ads might be ineffective for pushing sales, they improve brand awareness and capture leads for nurturing. To measure the success of your ads, Facebook provides insights related to your company goals. Most are about how users react to your ads. For instance, you receive information on shares, likes, click-through rates, and comments. All the metrics are real- time to allow changes to adverts when necessary.

3. Receive Helpful Notifications

Facebook provides notifications and emails about your ads. For example, you receive alerts when a new report is complete for viewing and when your account balance is low. In addition, you can change notification preferences and receive tips from the Facebook bot in messenger. Through the bot, you know when your ads end and share entry points that re-boost ads.

4. The Ads Support Organic Strategy

Paying for reach complements the organic strategy. It is effective when you carefully consider posts to turn to adverts. This is because the ads provide an opportunity to narrow your audience to those that find your posts relevant. A percentage of such users share your post, making the content visible without paying for the reach. Another way to use ads is by accessing followers who benefit from your page. In this case, you promote top-performing posts. When you aim at relevant demographics, the users will like your page and continuously engage with the posts. Once they follow your page, they find your content organically. Finally, you can promote an event by increasing its visibility through Facebook ads. It shows in users& newsfeeds, and when people opt to attend, your event appears to their Facebook friends organically.

5. Facebook Ads Are Affordable.

Advertising on Facebook is cheaper than other platforms like newspapers and magazines. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be effective, but need a higher budget, especially when you don’t have an experienced or trained team managing your account. When setting up Facebook ads, you can limit spending, making Cost-Per-Click (CPC) cheaper.

6. They Give Quick Results

Facebook adverts are ideal for businesses that run both long and short-term marketing strategies. They provide conversion or revenue immediately after you go live and are best for quick results. When you set up ad campaigns with the Ads manager, they are reviewed and show your products to potential clients. Usually, Facebook approves the ads within 24hrs, and the business can realize benefits within days.


Advertising on Facebook expands your company’s reach on the platform. Moreover, the ads have a role in digital marketing as they increase brand awareness, attract leads, and convert users to customers. Gladly, if you need to multiply leads, traffic, and sales through effective marketing,
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