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The Wix platform is one of the most popular website builders out there, but it’s also not as fast as some of its competitors. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to speed up your Wix site so that your visitors have a better experience browsing and reading through the content on your website. In this post, we’ll explain how you can make these optimizations so that your site loads faster than ever before!

Eliminate unnecessary elements

The more content you have on your page, the slower it will load. Since most people have a limited attention span and won’t wait for pages to load, it’s important to keep things simple. Remove any unnecessary scripts or stylesheets that aren’t directly related to your site’s functionality and usability; they can be added later if needed. Similarly, reduce the number of requests by combining multiple files into one large file before uploading them onto Wix and then minify it (this reduces file size without affecting functionality). Finally, use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) like Cloudflare or MaxCDN so that users around the world receive their initial requests faster than if they were coming directly from your server in one particular location

Compress images and files

  • Use a compression tool like TinyPNG or Gzip to compress images.
  • Use a tool like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to test your site’s speed.

Check mobile speed

When it comes to speed, mobile is just as important as desktop. You may think that visitors are more likely to be on their phones than computers, but that’s not necessarily true. The majority of people still use a desktop or laptop when they’re at home or work–and if you’re running an e-commerce site, they’ll probably be using one of those devices while browsing your products.

Mobile speed can also have a significant impact on the rankings of your website in search engines like Google and Bing because these sites will penalize slow sites by giving them lower positions in search results pages.

Finally, having a fast website helps improve user experience (UX), which leads to increased conversions and sales for businesses across industries from retail stores selling clothing through Wix templates to restaurants offering delivery through Wix websites

Analyze your site’s statistics

The first step in improving your site’s load speed is to see exactly where it’s slow.

Google Analytics is a free tool that can help with this by providing analysis of how people are interacting with your site, including:

  • The number of visitors each day, week and month
  • The pages they visited (and how long they stayed on each)
  • Which browser and operating system users use most often

A faster website is more enjoyable for your visitors.

As a user experience issue, speed is important because it can affect your visitors’ experience of your site and thus their opinion of your business. A slow website can frustrate visitors and cause them to leave before they’ve had the chance to see what you have to offer or buy something from you. In fact, according to one study by Akamai Technologies Inc., consumers who visit sites with faster load times are more likely than those visiting slower ones (21% vs 16%) to make an online purchase within 24 hours after visiting the site.[1]


The key to increasing your site’s load speed is to optimize your images. This can be done by reducing their file size, stripping out unnecessary metadata and compressing them before uploading them onto your website. Another way is by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will help distribute the load of your website across multiple servers around the world so that users get faster access from anywhere in the world!


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