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TikTok is a social media app that has grown in popularity very quickly. In fact, it has already been downloaded by over 1 billion people. As such, it’s worth considering for marketers who want to expand their reach and grow their business.

Use the most popular filters

There are plenty of filters to choose from, but the most popular ones are

1) The heart shaped face

2) The heart shaped mouth

3) The white and black cat ears

4) The bunny ears

These types of filters will attract attention because they are so recognizable.

Not only do you want to use these filters yourself but consider matching them with content that you think will resonate well with your audience. For example if you’re an ice cream company then using a filter that makes it look like your face is covered in ice cream might be funny and get people’s attention!

Get to know the duet feature

The duet feature is a great way to connect with your fans, show off your personality, promote your brand and grow your audience. With the duet feature, you can collaborate with other TikTok users who are looking to make new connections. This can be done by searching for specific hashtags or simply searching for people who have posted similar content as yourself.

There are many benefits of using this feature:

  • Showcase Your Music
  • Promote Yourself/Brand
  • Build Relationships With Fans

Find a frequency that works for your audience

Frequency is the number of times you post. The frequency you choose depends on your audience, your content and your goals. Do you have a large following but want to keep growing it? Or do you have time constraints that prevent frequent posting? These factors will determine how often the best frequency for TikTok marketing is for your business.

The golden rule of frequency is “the more posts, the better.” If done properly, TikTok marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach new customers and drive sales in ways that other forms of social media cannot match. However, just as there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to any aspect of marketing (including frequency), there also isn’t one approach that works across all platforms all by itself either.

Make sure to use your bio and URL section properly

Make sure to use your bio and URL section properly. This is an important space for you to share information about yourself, but it can also be used for marketing purposes. The most effective way to utilize this section is by including your business name, website and other social media links. For example, if you’re running a beauty salon, you may want to include a link that says “Visit our salon’s Instagram profile.”

If someone clicks on the link in the bio section of your video they will be taken directly to whatever social media platform or website you specify (in this case, Instagram). You should always use all three sections of a TikTok profile – About Me/About Page (URL), Bio (URL) and Profile Picture URL – because these are very important parts of any successful channel!

Be very specific in your hashtags when using TikTok

Have you ever wondered what the best way to use hashtags on TikTok? Most people tend to just throw them out there without much thought or planning. This can be very detrimental when it comes to your business and branding, so we’re going to break down some of these best practices that you should follow in order to get ahead of the competition and drive traffic back to your website or other social media channels.

First things first: make sure that you are using hashtags as part of your content marketing strategy. You need to be very specific about what kind of content you are making for each post because this will determine whether or not certain hashtags might work better than others. For example, if someone makes a video about how they love dogs but hates cats, then they probably don’t want any cat lovers watching their videos—that would just annoy them! So instead try something like “I’m all about those dogs but I hate cats LOL #dogsofinstagram #catsaregreattoo #lolcats @madison_pets_lover @madison_pets_lover.” This way anyone who searches under those keywords will find a relevant post instead of being bombarded with unrelated content like theirs was before finding this one!

Share how-to videos on TikTok

If you’re looking to appeal to an audience that wants to learn how-to use the app and its tools, TikTok is a great platform for you. One of the most common types of content that’s shared on TikTok is a how-to video. These videos can range from basic instructions on how to download the app and use it for the first time all the way up to tutorials for advanced features such as using filters or duets. If your business offers any kind of product or service related to creativity (like graphic design), then making how-to videos may be something worth considering doing!

Showcase if you are a human, not just a business

It’s important to show that you are a real person, not just a company. People want to feel connected with the people they’re buying products from, so show your personality and share your passions. Don’t forget to be relatable by expressing what you love about yourself or showing your quirks—that way, fans will see themselves reflected in you and buy from you because of this connection.

You should also be honest about how long it takes for something to arrive after ordering online (if applicable). If it means longer wait times than expected or other delays that can’t be helped due to circumstances beyond your control (such as an unusually high demand), let them know!

Go live or livestream on TikTok marketing

TikTok is a powerful marketing tool for businesses big and small. It allows you to share your unique brand with an audience of millions of users, who are then able to watch your content and interact with it.

If you want to use TikTok for business, the first step is to make sure that your account is set up correctly. Make sure that all of the information about your business is correct in the profile section so that people can find out more about what you do or sell. You should also fill out as much detail as possible when uploading content onto TikTok—this will help potential customers identify what services or products they could use from you.

Repurpose content across channels

Repurpose content across channels.

It’s a good idea to repurpose your content across all of your social media platforms, as well as on TikTok. You can use the same videos and images on multiple platforms, or create new versions of existing content if you have the time and resources available.

For example, if you’ve created an explainer video for your website to promote a new product or service that you offer, upload it onto TikTok as well so it can be shared with even more people who may not be familiar with what you have to offer yet. When uploading videos from other sites such as YouTube (where they were originally posted), make sure that they are embedded fully into the video editor page instead of just displayed as links at the bottom of the screen where viewers will have trouble finding them when scrolling through their feeds quickly – this way users can easily click through directly into each one without having to leave TikTok first! If possible add tags like “funny” or “entertainment” so people searching will see it too.”

TikTok may reach over one billion users. It is worthy for marketers to consider its power.

TikTok is a social media platform that lets users share short video clips. It was created by the Chinese technology conglomerate ByteDance.

As of January 2019, TikTok has over one billion monthly active users worldwide. The app is most popular in India and Brazil, with more than 60 percent of its users coming from those countries. Overall, TikTok is growing fast: according to TechCrunch, it added about 100 million new users between March 2018 and February 2019 alone. The company also recently introduced TikTok for Business (powered by 4C), which will allow marketers to create branded videos for their brands or clients’ products or services.


TikTok has grown dramatically in the past year, and it will continue to do so as long as brands are willing to take advantage of its power. The best way to do this is by understanding how TikTok works and how your audience engages with it. With these tips, you can create content that’s authentic and resonates with your audience.


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