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If you don’t already have an Instagram account, now is the time to set one up. With over half a billion active users, Instagram is a major platform for your business to reach customers and grow your brand awareness—especially if you’re in retail or hospitality. In this post we’ll cover some ways that you can increase engagement on your profile and encourage customers to share their experiences with you online.fiv


Post content consistently.

Consistency is key. You want to post consistently so that your followers can look forward to seeing new content from you on a regular basis, and so that they will have a good idea of what they should expect from your account. To achieve this goal, make sure that you set aside time each week or month to create and schedule new posts in advance. There are many tools available online (such as Hootsuite) that help make the process easier by allowing users access to a scheduling calendar where they can input their desired times for posting.

For each photo or video that you publish, ask yourself: Is it relevant? Is it interesting? Is it educational? Does it provide helpful information? Does it inspire others? These questions will help guide you toward creating an Instagram account with consistent quality content that resonates with its audience

Encourage your customers to share their user-generated content with you.

Encourage your customers to share their user-generated content with you. By allowing users to post images of themselves using your product, you are giving them the opportunity to show their passion for it and create a sense of community around it. Additionally, user-generated content is more authentic than brand-generated content because it reflects real people using your products as opposed to staged photos from professionals in a studio environment. Finally, if customers are posting about how much they love what you sell, other potential consumers are likely going to be attracted by this type of promotional material — which may encourage them to make an online purchase!

Consider hiring an influencer, or partnering with one, to increase your brand awareness.

If you’re planning on hiring an influencer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to find the right fit for your brand. The most successful influencer campaigns are ones where the company has partnered with an influencer who shares similar values. An influencer should also have a strong following and be able to reach the audience that you want to reach through their posts on Instagram.

It is important for brands to work with an agency that can offer advice and suggestions when deciding which influencers would be best suited for their campaign. The agency will also help connect a brand with specific individuals who may be interested in working with them if they don’t already have an existing relationship with an agency or manager.

Once you’ve decided on a few potential partners based on availability, price point/budget, target audience demographics (e.g., age range), engagement rate history etc., it’s time get them onboard! This could include sending out offers via email or messaging them directly through Instagram DM (direct message). You might even consider having conversations over Skype if they aren’t local so they can pitch ideas while still being able either at home or in another city altogether…

Take 10 minutes each week to promote your Instagram account outside of the Instagram app.

When you’re on Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up in the app and forget that there are other things you can do outside of it. Every week, take 10 minutes to promote your Instagram account outside of the app.

  • Use a variety of content: Try posting an image or video every other day so that your followers don’t get bored with just one type of content. You might also want to try posting links or quotes from time to time!
  • Use a variety of platforms: Promote your Instagram account on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! If you want more exposure for your business then this is definitely something for you! You could even set up an email newsletter where people sign up so they always know when new posts come out.”

Use Instagram Stories as a way to engage and communicate with your audience.

Instagram Stories is a fun way to engage and communicate with your audience. You can use Instagram Stories to share information about your business, your customers, your products or services and more.

It’s important to use Instagram Stories in a way that shows off what makes you unique. Be sure to keep a consistent theme across all of your stories so that followers are able to easily recognize the community of businesses they’re following on Instagram.

Experiment with Instagram Shopping to increase sales on your website and app.

If you’re looking to boost sales on your website or app, Instagram shopping is a great solution. This feature allows users to purchase products directly through an Instagram post, increasing the likelihood of making purchases and increasing your customer lifetime value. To set up an Instagram shopping campaign, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Shopify account and select “Online Store”.
  • Go to the “Instagram” section in the left sidebar and click on “Shopify”.
  • Click “Create new” button under the “Shopify” menu heading at top of screen.
  • Select “New store” from drop-down menu, name it whatever you want (e.g., “My Name’s Ecommerce Store”), then click Next Step. On next page choose how many collections you want (1-6), then click Next Step again

Increase brand awareness and customer trust by being authentic, active and engaging on Instagram.

  • Being authentic means being real, not fake. If you’re going to be on Instagram, it is important to show your audience who you are and what makes you different from other brands in the space.
  • Being active means being responsive and engaging with your audience. Your followers will appreciate it if they feel like their questions are answered quickly or receive a response within 24 hours at most (unless they ask something really important).
  • Being engaging means being interesting and informative. This can be achieved by sharing content that has meaning for them or insight into the industry as a whole—whether that’s news about current events or lifestyle tips for newbies!


If you’re ready to start planning for your Instagram marketing strategy in 2025, we hope these tips have given you some useful ideas. Remember that the best way to grow your Instagram account is by being authentic and engaging with your audience—and once you get into the habit of engaging this way, it can be so much fun! We encourage anyone who wants to build their personal brand or business through Instagram to read through this post again when it comes time for a new year.


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