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For many of us, the Google AdWords platform is the best way to get your business and brand out there. You can expect a huge number of visitors to your website if you use this online advertising platform right. However, just like any other marketing strategy, an effective Google Ads Campaign requires a lot of effort. One aspect that you need to focus on is ad copy.

An effective ad copy helps you connect with customers.

There are many ways to write an effective ad copy. Here are some tips for you:

  • Make it clear and concise. The length of your ad text should be kept short, so that readers can easily understand what you’re offering them. A good rule of thumb is to keep your ad copy at around 25 words or less; anything longer than that may turn off potential customers who don’t want to spend time reading through long paragraphs of text just to find out what you have available for sale or rent in your area.


  • Make sure it’s relevant to the customer’s search query (or intent). If someone searches for “cars” on Google, then an ad about boats isn’t going to help them much–and neither will one about fruit trees! Your job as an advertiser is not only about driving traffic but also converting those visitors into leads or sales opportunities; therefore, make sure that all elements within each individual ad match up perfectly with keywords being searched by potential buyers/renters within their local area so they can see exactly what they’re looking for right away instead of having too many options presented at once which could lead them away from making any kinder decisions later down the road once again due lack clarity regarding which product best meets their needs right now rather than later down timeline when maybe something better comes along instead.”

What is an Ad Copy?

An ad copy is the text that appears in your ad. It’s what you see when you search for something on Google, Facebook or Bing.

An effective ad copy must be able to grab the attention of your target audience and convince them that they need what you’re selling – fast!

The purpose of an ad copy is to convince people that they need something right now, before they can continue looking at other options available online. That’s why this part of a Google AdWords campaign is so important: if it doesn’t work well enough then no one will click on it or even see it at all (depending on how much money was spent).

Why is it Important?

The ad copy is the first thing a customer sees when they land on your website. It’s also the only thing that your customers read, so it’s important to get this right!

If you’re not writing compelling ad copy, then you’re losing out on potential sales and leads.

How to Create Effective Ad Copy?

  • Use the right keywords.
  • Use the right ad extensions.
  • Use the right ad types and ad groups.
  • Choose your bidding strategy wisely, based on your goals, budget, and performance data from previous campaigns that you have run on Google Ads or other platforms (such as Bing Ads).

If you’re not sure which one is best for you and your business objectives, be sure to call us today and we can be your guide on how to choose between automatic bidding strategies in Google Ads.

A good ad copy is crucial for your Google Ads Campaigns.

Ad copy is the text that appears in your ads. It’s important because it helps you connect with customers and get them interested in what you have to offer. Your ad copy should be concise, clear and compelling–and most importantly relevant to the product or service you are selling.

Ad Copy Tips:

  • Use short sentences with powerful words like “free” or “secret”.
  • Use numbers (e.g., “1st,” “only”) if they apply to your business.
  • Use specific keywords and phrases relevant to what you’re selling; don’t use generic terms like “buy now.”


We hope that this article has given you some insight into how to create effective ad copy for your Google Ads Campaigns. We know that it can be a daunting task, but if you follow the tips we’ve outlined here and keep them in mind throughout the process, then we promise that it will be much easier for you! Give us a call today and we’ll assist you with creating your next Google Ad! 

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